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I found older and nicer riding memories
Bombs Scented ... baby in your room smells like peaches and yogurt with fiber. Since you are on a diet do not eat anything but me and your yogurt with fiber. How many fibers ....
My good ,
                             Do not worry my good , I always like to sleep next to you smelling of fruit and passed . Let me undo your shirt easy , told me last night , and kiss every bit of perfection you have to grow up in my arms and your body will shape a new story. I leave you , unless my hands will caress your face again and if the ponds near to sunset we will kiss . I leave you and I'll outline shame to have to penetrate clogged feeling hot and sighs that come out of mourning my love shy . Let me and let me kiss you May you each finger separately , one for every ounce of love that adds to the enormous amount of love bought in installments.
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November 14, 2000
Your tears fell and turned in dew droplets frozen in love. The window is no longer visible even sunshine, fog love took my vision and made ​​me blind for you. Today I love inaccurately, as a constant that varies with time. Yesterday and tomorrow I have to learn to draw your face dry leaves and frost as I still do not miss you. Come home to listen together fall, and love running in the rain with hand and more to the night to hide under the covers to get warm feelings that souls with hot kisses. Let me go to my head before your inaccuracy and for the thousandth time I tell you I love you and that you expect, with contour your face caught my eye retinal quietly in front of the window, to watch you back back to me and as last November thy cold winter.
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speak openly
My good,
We speak about our love, your feelings forgotten late night purple dusk of the evening hanging from above, but does talk openly about how you feel when my eyes meet eyes red eyelids shy under the sun of autumn? I do not want to talk about feelings of paper, but about feeling blue and clear as the cold wind which includes morning when you go to close the window. There went my smile tonight that caught the corner of your lips. Thank you for the tea that I've made ​​dew drops, the more I felt not so good, if you are full of love that lives in me.
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Listen, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you ...
nothing more,
only simple feelings
full of passion and days spent together,
listen to me
As you can not name in a thousand ways
and as you say for the thousandth time how can you love
no sound and no color
just simple and full of feeling flimsy,
full of imperfect twilight of summer days
they reach the end ...
listen to me,
I love nesonor,
but full of passion.
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Night train
I come to train in the evening, I will get your heart in the early morning. Wait for me on the bench in front of your soul, he always received me warmly, but certainly not lack anything as you are at. But I do not mind if I make a coffee, so bitter as only you know to do when you get mad. Off, your anger ... your eyes are ready to throw arrows at me dreaming, but, just to make me myself prisoner behaved your dreams. I promise, when it will be bedtime, I get out of you to turn off the light, but until then prepares and some biscuits, I'm hungry and I am afraid that I will eat of it your smile when I see you. I do not mind, if I wait and a little chocolate eyes melt and the highest mountain in the distant sea salt. wait for me at the corner house, where rain does not penetrate and where clouds blue remain hanging eaves of your consciousness, or there does not rain, it never rained. Spread a blanket under clear sky, together we will look at imperfect sunset reflecting in my eyes quietly.
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Portrait later
Eyes last night, caught scent of locust blossom and summer cherries taste your lips. I want to be perfect, but your face still has imperfections. I wish to make to exist: to be fallen from the face do not know what time your eyes gold as a good dream desert, lips red as sunset summer and smile .... to run slowly on your cheeks pale, sick of love. Let me touch image as would be a final tribute to my heart as you seek perfection. Your hands caress my bones dried out fine for the search so lost in the deepest pit of your heart. My ear sing singing I do not want, but my soul love drawing.
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Me by Madalina31 Me :iconmadalina31:Madalina31 0 0 holiday by Madalina31 holiday :iconmadalina31:Madalina31 0 0
Broken heart, the reality
I feel my body thrown into a corner
the room or the soul?
I do not know,
because of the many attempts
failed to outline an infinite,
I came to destroy thousands of part of it ...
only the left foot
you can reach them,
so give you a clue of what I was
and I got away from all that you mean you,
but do not be afraid
I'll wait until I want to outline
feelings with you
and so I get to come back to shape.
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The end of chapter
ripe grapes,
wind blowing at a great distance from November 2
eyes full of smiles and sloppy contour of your chin,
kisses were thrown over a white sheet
and you arrange the trimmings in a broken mirror ...
You want to talk to you,
but leaving behind your back rushed to emergency exits.
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as you know I have long
I open the doors of your heart,
without me to give you a penny in return
kindness ...
I crave to go
to penetrate deep in your love
and not get out of there,
one day maybe two, weeks, months and even years,
I ask without feeling the entrance.
I shudder to throw over your heart
with arrows, smiles,
shy but I crave to stay there
and you heal every wound
produced by kiss my bitter as gall.
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Taste buds
Taste, taste, taste
coffee morning
a bed, sofa
or just in my heart.
My taste buds have caught the smell of acacia
and flavors of my love ...
Your caressing my naked body
with your fingers that I drew,
a lily of the valley, cane and less land ...
and get back my lips
my body,
your touch ...
late morning, your lips have caught taste of coffee.
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In being moderated
stay late at night by candlelight,
as if it were our last chance of happiness ...
and to bless us, we kiss and look at each other,
but if something is missing
a smile, a miracle or a late snow over our souls.
Winter passed, spring came and pass and summer
to get to fall and collect for you,
butterflies, butterflies in your thoughts-thoughts
and I will take the soul in rows-rows.
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Erotic letters
My Good Martyr ....
between moments of reality, unexpected privileges
felt on the body, felt in his soul,
who was going to be
and who will be
will remain in my body
away from you.
She looked at him in the eye, while her hand began to explore the wonders of his chest. She ran her fingers and muscle mass under the skin thin. It is intimidating when you look at the eye. He pointed out a moan, then almost stopped breathing, anticipating a new touch. Aside from a shy kiss with passion of a demon erotic dream later. He swallowed hard, loud ....
I allowed the same privileges ...?
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Where the heart has its place
For you,
for being here with you.
I would draw the face first of all,
but it is perfectly
built a friendship,
youth with a warm smile.
I said that every time
when your heart is in the knee,
My tears caress your feelings
My tongue and perfection.
Light falls on your soul,
autumn clouds floating in your heart
and time goes by your hair
putting his mark on the length.
Gray hair will come too late,
now are some red
that you make chocolate eyes out.
Beautiful soul always compete
a warm friendship,
but lost in a constructive failure.
Young or old we always drink coffee
dark at noon in a dusty smoky bar.
For my Best friend
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I ask you to stay
as far in my heart
and eat only the flesh of my memories.
I ask you to wait
to draw your face,
so you can get night in my dream
elevator or simply
the fire escape.
Pray not to leave the train station
my consciousness,
rate for you without even
tell me how many fruit you stole my soul.
Please pray also found this year
on the corner of my eye
howler away from your feelings,
but they do nothing than to cry
and I seek your reality beyond absurd.
Please pray at the draw love
so it would stay in this moment in my bed
my good, that live in me.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Ce oameni tristi puteti sa fiti cand admirati statui
Iar sufletele voastre reci nu-s date nimanui…
Aşadar, cine sunt eu? Cel din testele de personalitate? Dar ele nu fac decāt să mă decupeze-n diapozitive subţiri. Īn momente diferite, după ele, am personalităţi diferite. Interiorul nostru nu e īnsă un album de fotografii. Noi nu suntem obiecte, ci procese. Eu sunt, īn cele din urmă, căutarea mea de sine. Exist pentru că mă caut pe mine īnsumi. Nu mă caut ca să mă găsesc; faptul că mă caut pe mine īnsumi este semnul că deja m-am găsit.

Favourite genre of music:…
Favourite photographer:
Favourite style of art: Gothic
You are blooming wall of my captivity.

It separates us from you and me: away, people, life and maybe destinul. You remember? To a knowledge of Cesar, Cleopatra accompanied by one faithful, has crossed over by boat, facing it, to left wrapped in a bag and carried on the shoulders ordinary palace of Caesar, without anyone to imagine that a top shouldered queen of Egypt comes to see him on Cesar.
Here's what you bring my letter. I fear your smile. So I'm not afraid of anything. They are what's beyond your window Room Type: away. I'm the little girl in the world between swallows because I wrap them in a whole necunoscut.privirea your not gonna find anywhere. Your memory is not where I know. Your voice can not cry and I know not where. Are between the four corners: their crossroads.
Ten years ago I would have said "with-in" the window. But my soul lost childhood voice. Know how to listen? Hear the wind the window? I know the nostalgia? Sometimes look out the window without seeing anything? Are there and in there, without being a close and a distraction around you.
Think of me as a star cut out of you and taken into bottomless darkness.

Think of me as a star cut out of you and taken into bottomless darkness.
If it were to pass through a forest with the wolves to come up to you, I reached my youth torn rags, giving you her last straw.
It would be grass snakes to go through to get to you, with bare feet I walk on whistling of my death, bringing you a inchzi eyes to them.
But at the house watching your love-and I pulled out steps back as the icon of the church.
Hoarse singing the ferestele underneath your house, as Italian children playing on the streets of our cities, in misery Mediterranean beauty with their eyes.
Sing with heart lying beneath the sky, that once the road Not content to crossroads. Listen you all joy and my pain.


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